Punching Machines Equipped with Flattening Concept


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Trumpf offers its TruPunch 5000 punching machine and TruMatic 7000 punch laser combination machine, now equipped with an integrated flattening concept. This new concept enables punching a large number of holes in thin sheet metal without distorting the panel, the company says. With the integrated flattening process, opposing stresses keep the sheet metal panels flat, eliminating an extra step to even out the materials.

The convex die works in tandem with a stripper featuring a recess and special coating. The die presses the sheet metal against the stripper from underneath, overbending the material. The concave stripper counteracts by pressing the raised material back downward at the edge of the die. The overbending creates counter-stresses which offset the compressive and tensile stresses caused by the punching press so that the sheet metal is flat when it leaves the machine.

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