PVD-Coated Grade Cuts High-Temp Alloys

Iscar’s IC806 is a submicron grade featuring increased wear resistance and a PVD TiAlN coating.


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Iscar’s IC806 submicron grade is designed to machine high-temperature alloys such as Inconel 718. According to the company, Inconel 718 and other nickel-based superalloys commonly are used in high-temperature and corrosive applications such as aerospace components that are placed in the hot section of the engine and in the oil industry components.

Iscar says its grade addresses the high temperatures on the cutting edge that can cause high wear rates, chipping, notching and breakage, contributing to reduced tool life and deformation of the cutting edge, even at low cutting speeds. The company's grade features increased wear resistance and a PVD TiAlN coating. A post-coating treatment is designed to increase tool life and reliability. 

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