Quadrature Feedback Options For Motion Controllers

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Developed for the RMC70 Series motion controllers, Delta Computer Systems' QA1 and QA2 quadrature axis modules accept incremental encoder feedback. Using electric or hydraulic motors and actuators, the one- or two-axis modules provide ±10V control for rotary and linear position-control applications.


Featuring wire-break detection, feedback inputs handle A, B and Z differential RS422 signals from quadrature encoders. Each axis also features isolated high speed discrete inputs for registration, home and over-travel limits. In addition, each axis includes an isolated discrete input for drive fault detection, a solid-state relay output for drive enable and LEDs that indicate functioning status by displaying red or green.


For more I/O-intensive systems, users can mount field-changeable expansion modules to the RMC70 series. As many as four modules and module types are available, including discrete I/O, analog, pressure/force control and quadrature reference.