Quick-Change Drilling Tool Line Gets New Diameter Range


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Tungaloy is adding a set of tools with diameters ranging from 6.0 to 9.9 mm to its DrillMeister line. According to the company, DrillMeister provides simple and fast drill head indexing thanks to its self-clamping system. Tool replacement is performed by simply replacing the drill head; there is no need to remove the entire drill body from the toolholder and readjust the tool overhang, reducing tool-change time. A drill head can be mounted or removed with low torque, and the process can be done in the machine as needed. Because the clamping structure prevents deformation of the drill body, the number of heads per body is substantially increased.

The new diameter ranges will be available with the TID-type drill bodies of 1.5×D, 3×D, 5×D and 8×D, ensuring high drilling performance for small-diameter holemaking in various materials. The flange-type drill body is designed for excellent chip evacuation with a high helical flute angle and polished flute surface. Good chip evacuation can be achieved even deep holes of 5×D or deeper, where chip evacuation tends to be difficult, the company says.


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