Quick-Change Parallel System

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New quick-change parallels that align and lock into position on vise jaw plates are available for all of the company's 4 and 6 inch vises. Called the Kurt Clak system, these parallels are said to eliminate manual clamping and locking up of jaw components. Each parallel has two spring-loaded steel balls in its base, which snaps into and locks to a corresponding jaw plate. These parallels slide and lock into place without the need for hand tools. Disassembly is said to be fast and easy. The new system is designed to increase the accuracy of finished parts while reducing setup time, downtime and scrap, according to the company. The parallels and jaws are precision hardened and ground. Six pairs of parallels in various heights come as a set boxed with or without the jaw plates. The system works well with the company's new Magnetic Workstop accessory for fast, accurate positioning of parts in the vise jaw clamping zone, the company says.