Rack And Pinion-Operated Micro-Press

Model 40TR, the company's new rack and pinion-foperated micro-press, is used for very fine instrument work, small component assembly, delicate tool and die work, staking, coining, and other applications. The pressure is applied by hand, from 0 to approximately 150 lbs. The precision press has a fine-grained cast iron frame. All moving parts are precision fabricated from steel. The spindle has an adjustable return spring. An adjustable pin guide prevents the spindle from turning. A positive stop allows very fine depth adjustment. The press table with two tapped holes (6 mm thread × 50 mm center to center hole distance) will mount small tooling such as open die shoes and fixtures. The online 12 mm bore in table will take small die button holders and anvils. The press is compact and can be mounted to any suitable base with provided mounting holes. Maximum clearance table to spindle is 60 mm. Maximum distance spindle center to frame is 40 mm. Spindle stroke (adjustable) is 35 mm; spindle diameter is 14 mm; and spindle bore dimensions are 7 mm × 20 mm. Stroke is 35 mm; table size is 35 mm × 80 mm; table in-line is 12 mm; weight is 4.0 kg; and height is 275 mm.

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