Range Of Rotary Broaches

Somma Tool Company offers a line of Offset internal and external rotating broach tools, as well as an expanded range of “punch type" broaches from stock. The tools are used to produce hexagon, square, spline and other irregular internal and/or external shapes in the workpiece as it rotates in the spindle of the machine. The products can also be used on CNC lathes (single- and multi-spindle) and on CNC mills.


According to the company, minimal driving force is required because of the spindle offset, which distributes the load of the cut around the periphery of the form. The toolholder spindle, which is mounted in angular thrust and ball bearings, rotates freely with the workpiece. It does not require auxiliary driving attachments unless alignment of form is necessary with outside configuration.


In addition to these offset tools, the company offers a range of hex, square and six lobed head screw broaches.


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