Readout Provides 3D Capability For Manual CMMs

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The Quadra-Check 330 adds 3D measuring capabilities to the company’s line of precision measuring systems. Versatile encoder interfaces provide compatibility with virtually any manual CMM, the company says. The DRO is equipped with large memory capacity; a USB port for flash drives and printers; and an RS-232 port for communication to a computer. To simplify operation and save time, the company’s custom Measure Magic technology automatically determines feature type based on probed points.  

A large, high-resolution LCD monitor provides full-color display of 3D measurements and operator controls. The system includes alphanumeric program naming, user messages and “arrow-to-target” indications that guide part probing. It supports hard probes, touch probes and indexable probes, as well as various 2D and 3D feature types. Tolerance displays translate data-intensive reports into at-a-glance visual displays, the company says. To streamline difficult and repetitive measurements, the device will record measurement activities and store them as a program.