Real-Time Analysis Quickens Design Process

VX CAD/CAM version 13 from VX Corporation uses real-time analysis to allow designers to analyze curvature and draft angles while actively modeling a part. An enhanced embossing tool automatically smoothes out irregular surfaces, increasing productivity. This version also features a capability for branding and packaging, where text follows a circle or spline curve or floats above the curve as the profile changes. This allows manufacturers to add company information to complex-shaped products and containers.


Other features include a photo-realistic rendering engine and textured objects, which let designers get real-time realistic views of products while they’re being designed. Motion simulation creates animations for studying moving parts in assemblies. Moreover, assembly interface can be visually checked with dynamic clipping offering close, segmented and internal views of parts and assemblies.


Mechanical designers can now get section views on layouts with different hatching options that provide a much better view of assemblies without a lot of manual editing. Mold designers are said to be able to design electrodes faster with an auto-electrode tool that speeds creation and machining of multiple electrodes. Automatic region recognition for picking connected set of faces speeds electrode design by reducing the number of picks for complex electrodes with many surfaces.