Recirculating Oven

Capable of operating between 200°F and 1,400°F, the Model 4GT-T30 inert atmosphere, gas-tight recirculating oven from Lucifer Furnaces features a welded and gasketed heavy-gauge outer shell, double-pivot gasketed door and a rear-wall stainless fan for horizontal air flow. The oven provides uniform heat in an inert, protective atmosphere. The interior of the chamber is lined with a multi-layer combination of lightweight firebrick and block insulation to minimize heat loss. An additional feature includes a brick floor to support the work load. The oven’s stainless liner blocks the work area from the direct radiation of the heating elements making it suited for tempering, drawing, preheating and annealing applications. Heavy gauge, low watt-density coiled heating elements are mounted in ceramic holders that are designed for long life and easy replacement without affecting the insulation. The oven is also equipped with a digital controller, magnetic contactor, control and fan switches.

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