Redesigned Bar Feeder

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The Rhinobar includes all of the features of the Mini Rhinobar in addition to redesigned pedestals and barrel clamps.

The enhancements are intended to make the machine more stable and expedite installation. The bar feeder can be customized to handle barstock in varying shapes and sizes by changing the feed tube size. Tube sizes range from ¼ " to 2 ¾ ", in 1/8" increments, accommodating barstock diameters from 1/8 " to 2 ¾ ", and up to 12’ in length. Customized tube sizes are also available.

Another potential benefit of the product is a reduction in noise levels. Oil fills the gap between the barstock and feed tube, acting as a noise damping support. As the bar begins to turn, hydrodynamic forces move it toward the center of the feed tube. Centering forces are increased as the bar speed increases. Oil flow and pressure are then controlled with one valve.

Other features include a front swing-out mechanism, including a large barrel clamp to help reduce bar vibration; ergonomically placed controls and a safety interlock switch, which facilitate system operation; and an end-of-bar signal and auto pusher retraction that enables the system to operate unattended.


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