Reducers Resist Backlash

KRP+ planetary reducers are single-drive components in a family of reducers dedicated to rack and pinion and rotary table drive applications. They can be used alone as a single drive or combined with a second unit to create a zero-backlash rack-and-pinion axis. As a single drive, the reducer features an integral output pinion and planetary gear train that have been optimized for minimum backlash (1 to 3 arc minutes) and maximum stiffness on rack, the company says. In-line and right-angle versions are available.   The dual-drive kit combines two reducers in a mechanically preloaded, zero-backlash system. The two units are torsionally preloaded against the rack in this closed-loop mechanical system. Only one motor is required to drive the axis. Two reducers can also be combined together in an electrically preloaded twin-drive kit. According to the company, backlash can be virtually eliminated by using one motor to drive the axis and another to preload the axis. The reducers come in six sizes with ratios from 5:1 to 91:1, allowing linear speeds as fast as 3,100 ipm (78 m/min) and capability to move as much as 200,000 lbs (91,000 kg).