Reference Input for RMC70 Motion Controllers

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Now available from Delta Computer Systems, Inc., the Exp70-Q1 quadrature encoder input module was designed for the one- and two-axis RMC70 Series Motion Controllers. According to the manufacturer, this single-channel, 1/2-axis, position or velocity reference input enhances the RMC70 series for "geared" applications. Equipped with galvanic isolation on all inputs, the module includes A and B quadrature inputs and one 12-24VDC high speed registration input. The RS422 differential quadrature inputs have selectable termination, allowing as many as 32 products to be daisy-chained for gearing as many as 64 axes. To keep operators updated on the module's condition, a bi-color status LED displays solid green to indicate proper functioning and flashing red to indicate a fault condition. An amber LED indicates that the registration input is active. Designed to add extra functionality in electric, hydraulic and pneumatic servo motion control applications, the product is compatible with a variety of expansion modules. Operators can mount up to four of these expansion modules, including discrete I/O and analog inputs, to the side of the RMC70 Motion Controller base module.