Remote CNC Access, Status Updates

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Available for Makino's line of Pro 5 horizontal and vertical mills, the company's self-titled product grants real-time access to all CNC functions via the Internet, regardless of the user's proximity to the machine. Remote Machining enables users to edit programs, check cut progression, troubleshoot and more from any PC with Internet access. The latest incarnation of Remote Machining is completely software-based. This provides various advantages compared with its hardware-based predecessor, the company says. According to the company, the software can be installed and running on the mill in less than an hour, with most of that time spent configuring the machine and/or shop network. Installation on the machine can be performed remotely with only an Internet connection, and no software is required on the PC used to control the mill. The company also offers the Remote Light Stack, which allows real-time, remote monitoring of Makino Pro 5 milling machine status lights via e-mails, text messages or an integrated Web site. The device is said to be highly configurable and customizable, and the company works with customers to preconfigure a unit for specific networks and situations. The company says it has plans to expand both products for compatibility with more machines.