Rigid Construction Bar Feeder Reduces Vibration

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LNS says its Hydrobar Sprint 565 bar feed provides stability while reducing bar vibration. This design improves productivity through increased spindle speeds, and it improves surface finish and extends tool life, the company says. Using the same rigid beam construction as the Sprint S2 with all steel-machined parts attached to the frame, the bar feed has improved stiffness-to-weight ratios. The bar feed accepts barstock with diameters ranging from ¼" to 2 5/8" and operates with fixed- or sliding-headstock machines. Also, it can operate in either hydrodynamic or hydrostatic modes. Hydrostatic operation permits users to cut barstock as thick as 12' at optimum spindle speeds. The hydrodynamic principle allows for a wider range of barstock diameters, fewer guiding elements, and 2- to 8-minute change-overs, all of which reduce downtime, improve productivity and support unattended operation, the company says. Other features include remnant disposal through the lathe or through the bar feed; no manual intervention for bar-feed selection and front-stabilizer adjustments; and servo-driven, automatic torque and speed according to bar diameter.

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