Robotic Bin-Picking Automation Effectively Channels Random Parts


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Liebherr Automation offers a small-workpiece-handling robotic system with 3D software capable of removing randomly placed items from a container and accurately placing them in a machine or production line. The system’s 3D laser scanner precisely recognizes the workpieces for picking. According to the company, the robot’s ability to pick a workpiece is not affected by outside light of any type, and the scanner can even recognize black, brown or rusty parts. The system’s accompanying software segments identify and select information about items and constraints in the bin provided. A robotic arm features specially developed grippers with additional axes to enable collision-free access and the removal of items from a container, ensuring precise positioning into a fixture or pallet.

The scalable solution is said to increase productivity, improve machine utilization and enhance efficiency. The bin-picking system is well-suited for use with components weighing 1 to 50 kg in the automotive, aerospace, general machining and commercial vehicle industries.