Robotic Machine-Tending Cell Features Diamond-Plate Flooring

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The productivity platform is a prefabricated robotic machine-tending cell designed to link one, two or three machine tools and various secondary-process devices into a single, lean production unit. Available from Interface Innovations, the cell incorporates Motoman or Fanuc robots with payload capacities ranging from 13 to 1,500 lbs (6 to 700 kg).


Provisions for multiple end-of-arm tools facilitate multi-operation processing of single parts or multi-part processing in the same cell. In addition, five types of inboud/outbound parts conveyance support long periods of unattended production, the company says. The diamond-plate flooring that spans the entire cell is supported by a structural steel base, which is plumbed with air and wired with Ethernet connections to provide flexibility for secondary processes.