Robotic Systems Demonstrate Latest Automation Solutions

From the IMTS Technology e-Newsletter (Sponsored)


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Two robotic systems will be the centerpiece of the main Zeiss booth, allowing attendees to get up-close demonstrations of the latest automated inspection solutions from Zeiss Industrial Metrology. Zeiss is a one-stop partner for systematic quality assurance in car body construction, from measurement and inspection technology, to the fixtures, up to quality data management and service. And all products and services from Zeiss are compatible with each other for maximum quality and productivity.

A collaborative robot with the Zeiss Abis II sensor will be demonstrating precision inspection on a car door. With the Abis II sensor, a wide range of defect types can be detected. Featuring a reliable, early recognition and classification of dents, bumps, sink marks, waviness, constrictions, cracks and more, the systems represent the perfect quality control instruments for the production of sheet metal parts and bodies-in-white. Users especially benefit from the high precision and extremely short cycle times.

The second robot, with the Zeiss AIMax cloud optical 3D sensor, will be inspecting a car hood. It is the new benchmark in robot-based 3D in-line metrology in the fields of sheet metal processing and car body construction. The sensor generates 3D point clouds directly at the production line and measures complex features with high precision in a fraction of a second.


Be sure to stop by the main Zeiss booth, East Building, booth #135502 for these demonstrations and others throughout the week. All booth visitors also have a chance to register to win various Zeiss products. To learn more visit zeiss.com/imts-2018.

Don’t miss the other Zeiss booths at IMTS, such as Zeiss X-Ray Solutions in the East Building, booth #135655, and the Smartforce Student Summit in the North Building, booth #215406.