Robotic Waterjet Trimming System

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KMT Robotic Solutions’ Cutting Box Original V is a system for 3D waterjet-cutting applications. The turnkey robotic system features a turntable with a 300-kg loading capacity on both sides for off-line loading and for cutting 3D parts with waterjets. The system is fully compatible with the previous series, allowing the exchange of fixtures and programs between the systems. Features include an improved Human Machine Interface (HMI); a complete family of tailor-made vacuum systems for specific requirements; enhanced stiffness in the mechanical structure for high accuracy in the trimming process; and design improvements to enhance maintenance and refurbishment. The system can be customized to meet specific trimming applications. Equipped with an IRC5 robot controller from ABB, the system offers both single and multi-move operation. Six optional, pre-designed robot configurations provide users with more original equipment choices and retrofit alternatives. Another feature is the Sponder system, an information-technology-based package for continuous process control, system maintenance planning, failure detection and storage of electronic documentation. Sponder also enables live technical support. Each system is equipped with the company’s WaterjetWare robot software to reduce online programming time.