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5/28/2008 | 1 MINUTE READ

Robots Built To Improve Cycle Time

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Toshiba Machine’s TH series has been upgraded to the TH-A series of extreme-performance Scara Robots. Consisting of three models, the TH650A, the TH850A and the TH1050A, these robots offer improvement in cycle time (with higher payloads) compared to previous models, the company says. A standard cycle time is 0.31 second with a 2-kg payload for the TH650A and 0.39 second with a 5-kg payload for the TH850A and the TH1050A. X-, Y- and Z-axis positioning repeatability for all three models is ±0.01 mm, while C-axis positioning repeatability is ±0.004 degree. The rigid construction and vibration-free performance of the series result in a longer robot life. The series features a sealed labyrinth structure as standard. Piping positions are flexible and may be changed by the end user. There are two harnesses in the robot arm, which allow for greater ease in replacement. The series includes a full-function TS controller that can control a maximum of five axes simultaneously. It includes a built-in PLC and a multi-task function. Other features of the series include lower profiles, reduced noise levels and easy maintenance, the company says. Maximum payload mass for the TH650A is 10 kg and maximum composite speed is 7.52 m per second, while the TH850A and TH1050A can each carry 20 kg (TH850A maximum speed is 8.13 m per second and TH1050A maximum is 9.15 m per second).


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