Rocklin's FlyMarker Mini Station Performs Dot Peen Marking on Uneven Surfaces


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Rocklin FlyMarker Mini Station

Rocklin Manufacturing has added the electromagnetic Station 120-V tabletop marking unit to its FlyMarker Mini series of portable, battery-operated marking devices. The all-in-one unit from Markator features a capacitive touchscreen for ease of programming characters with heights ranging from 1 to 100 mm. Its large marking window (120 × 100 mm) and adjustable force settings deliver permanent dot peen marks on materials ranging from plastics to hardened steel (up to 63 HRC). The unit automatically adjusts to round or uneven surfaces by up to 5 mm height differential. Stronger force settings are designed to withstand surface treatments such as galvanizing and sandblasting. 

Marking files can be transferred via USB or Ethernet or simply programmed and stored on the unit itself. Auto-numbering, time and date stamps, letters, numbers, and characters all come standard, with logos and data matrix codes available as options. An integrated laser pointer coupled with a preview screen delivers a clear simulation of the proposed mark to eliminate errors.

The FlyMarker Mini Station is designed for rapid tag marking and various other stationary marking needs. However, for those who desire greater flexibility, the device can be converted from a fully portable unit into a tabletop unit with a solid column frame.