Rocklin’s Rocklinizer Model 950 Enables Fast Material Deposition

EMO 2019: Rocklin Manufacturing’s Rocklinizer Carbide Application Equipment deposits Titanium Carbide, Tungsten Carbide and Rockhard electrode material onto metal, tools and dies.


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Rocklin Manufacturing’s Rocklinizer carbide application device deposits titanium carbide, tungsten carbide and Rockhard electrode material onto metal workpieces such as tools and dies. The low-heat spark deposition process alleviates metal-on-metal wear, boosts gripping, maintains dimensions and extend machinery lifespans, the company says.

The Rocklinizer Model 950 deposits 0.0001" to 0.01" or more onto the base material. The amount is controllable to within 0.0001" for precise application. The company states that lower deposits are ideal for preventing slug pull back in punching and stamping operations and extending the life of cutting edges and tooling. Medium deposits are said to be best for restoring tolerances on bearings, shafts and die casters and preventing heat checking, soldering and seizing of cores. The higher settings, combined with the Rockhard electrodes, produce a rougher surface that is suited for gripping applications such as tube bending, collets, clamps, robot grippers, feed fingers, forklift forks and non-slip flooring.

The portable product enables fast application speed that is designed for coating larger parts and dies. A five square inch coating takes less than a minute through its high-speed settings, but the process can be slowed down for delicate operations.