Roll Adjuster

Pinpoint Laser Systems offers the Roller Adjuster to facilitate the alignment of rollers, shafts and web-handling system. This addition to the Pinpoint line is appropriate for use in paper mills, converting lines, printing presses, coating lines and other roller and web-related applications.


Available as an accessory for the company’s Laser Microgage alignment system, the tool is designed for easy setup. It can be placed atop a master roller, drive shaft or idler and is held in place by a pair of V-legs or adaptable mounts. An adjustment screw is turned until the bubble level is centered in its glass vial.  The digital micrometer is then zeroed by pressing a button on the front to capture the position of this first roll or shaft. After the tool is placed atop the next available roller, the adjustment screw is turned until the bubble level is centered. The vertical alignment of this second roller is displayed digitally, allowing for good adjustment or selection of new shims.


Machined from aluminum with stainless steel parts, the product features interchangeable mounting feet for added versatility.


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