Roll Form Design Software Creates 3D Models

Using Ubeco’s roll form design software, 3D CAD models can be created directly in SolidWorks and AutoCAD. Two dimensional drawings of the flower pattern and roll tools as well as 3D drawings of the deformed sheet within the machine can be transferred to virtually any CAD system via the ActiveX interface or the file formats DXF, IGES or MI. This means the drawing is created directly in the CAD document that currently is open. No file transfer is necessary. Since the software is an independent, Windows-based program, it works in virtually any CAD version without special CAD drivers or software that has to be installed in the CAD system, the company says. The rolls of a single pass or of all passes of the machine, as well as the deformed sheet can be transferred.

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Software Prevents Unnecessary CAM Regeneration

Vero Software has released Edgecam 2018 R1, which includes updates that  are designed to prevent unnecessary CAM regeneration and save time on roughing cycles for milling, turning and MTM.