Rotary Encoder For Large Shafts

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The company’s ERM 2 x 0 series of magnetic, modular rotary encoders for use on large shafts have been redesigned for more applications. The series now includes a reduced scanning head size and improvements to the measuring standard, according to the company.

The scanning head has been reduced from 40 mm to 20 mm and the maximum speed could now be increased. For example, it now can reach 40,000 rpm from the past maximum speed of 24,000 rpm.

The company said this series also offers a larger scale drum since a lot of applications require larger hollow shafts. The largest drum has an inside diameter of 410 mm and an outside diameter of 452.64 mm with 3,600 poles.

The increased insensitivity to gap variations is said to enhance the functionality allowing greater runout tolerances and easier mounting. The scanning head and scale drum provide a degree of protection of IP 67.

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