Rotary Grinding Table

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According to the company, users can convert surface grinders for rotary work in seconds with the Bowers inclinable rotary grinding table. This table features a built-in sine table that locks into any position from 0 to 45 degrees to convert a surface grinder to circular work. The company says the table is reliable and durable and permits highly accurate setups for precision work. The locking sine table, says the company, ensures flatness in the horizontal plane. The table can be equipped with a variety of chucks or tables. The rotary grinding table features a 0 to 160 rpm, 1/4-hp motor that is said to provide fully filtered DC power for cool operation and maximum smoothness of rotation. Solid state circuitry converts AC line voltage to DC power, with automatic correction for changes in load and incoming voltage. Features include an overload protection fuse that also permits the desired preset speed to remain set in position during off periods. The motor is dynamically balanced and noise tested. A standard pilot light indicates when the AC power is on. A separate motor control is standard. This table is useful for production and prototype applications including grinding discs and rings; hollow grinding of cutters; grinding the front rake on circular gear cutters; grinding angles, chamfers and radii; grinding tungsten carbide and other non-magnetic materials; and more.

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