Rotary Index Tables

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Allenair’s rotary index tables are offered in four basic models—725, 11-E, 11-F and 11-EF—each of which can be supplied with various options. With a maximum indexing load of 60 lbs, the 725 model is intended for rapid indexing under light load conditions. The 11-E has a maximum indexing load of 100 lbs and is suitable for more rugged conditions than the previously mentioned model.


Described as being the heaviest duty model in the line, the 11-F can accommodate a load of 180 lbs, with either the standard 11" or optional 16" diameter top plate. One of the noteworthy features of this particular model is the positive locking device, which is said to securely lock the feed pawl to the indexing plate by an internal over-center latching mechanism. This design, together with the optional hydraulic chuck, maximizes performance. To help control the shock of heavier loads, the hydraulic chuck is adjustable and cushions approximately the last 5" of rotation. Two additional drive options can be added to this model.


According to the company, the 11-EF has a maximum indexing load of 140 lbs and is nearly identical to the 11-F. The main difference between the two is that on this model, the company incorporates the model 11-E index plate and 11-E positive lock device. This can allow for slightly faster indexing, but the two optional drives and hydraulic chuck (as listed for 11-F) are not available. 


The standard 24-notch index plate can be set by means of baffle plates to allow four, six, eight, 12 or 24 indexes. Customized indexes from five to 100 are available. A flow control valve is also furnished on all models to regulate indexing speeds. Standard and optional top plates, made of mild steel, are workable and ground to within 0.002 TIR.

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