Rotary Table Plays Integral Role in Saw Guide Production

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The Hirschmann H-80 (R) NC rotary index table is involved in producing the saw guides   that surgeons use to place reciprocating cuts into the bone in knee replacement surgery.  Each of these guides has four different pairs of two matching slots. Specifically, the rotary table is used to cut the slots. According to the company, manufacturing time is reduced because the indexer turns the guide to cut each pair of slots. Consequently, setup time is decreased by eliminating movement to different stations.


The table can be used in conjunction with the company’s H1625 control, which can be interfaced to the EDM for automatic indexing via M codes (24 V signal). Depending upon the EDM configuration and manufacturer, the two can be interfaced directly to the machine control for A- or B-axis capabilities.


Internally, the axial cylindrical roller bearings are “play-free” and pre-tensioned.  The incremental shaft encoder is located directly on the rotary axis, and the break can be electromagnetic or pneumatic.  The drive train and components are sealed from fluids—either in steel or stainless cast housings.