Rotary Tables Feature High Rotational Speed


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Distributed by Rotec, pL Lehmann’s 500 Generation line of rotary tables features four base modules (EA-507, 510, 520 and 530) that enable users to create more than 170 variations and combinations ranging from a single-axis fourth, with the option of multiple spindles, to a mounted tilt-rotary table fourth/fifth axis. The units can be installed on virtually any milling, grinding, EDM, measuring, engraving or laser machine. The small footprint enables additional tooling setup options on the machine table or installation on a smaller, more-compact machining center.  

The tables feature increased rotational speed and short clamp and unclamp actuation, the company says. High-powered coolant spray and submersion into a tank are possible with the fully sealed design IP67 (air and oil purge). An integrated black box with 19 monitoring functions is also included. Among other tasks, it manages spindle clamping and measures speed, temperature and compressed-air moisture. It also records impacts and overload resulting from any collisions. If the measured values exceed the specified limits, the black box forwards signals to the CNC control system via a cable. The values are also written to a list that service technicians can read via a USB interface. The monitoring system helps users schedule preventive maintenance and service interventions, resulting in increased service life. 


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