Rotary Transfer Machine Features Larger Size, Heavy Construction


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Hydromat has introduced the Eclipse 12-100, a 12-station rotary transfer machine offering multiple tool spindles in a single footprint integrated with one chip management and coolant system. The Eclipse features a one-piece, heavy-duty cast iron machine base 2 m in diameter, nearly twice as large as the traditional 12-station Hydromat machine. This new ductile iron casting is designed for the use of three- and four-axis all-electric servo, quill-type tool spindles. No hydraulics are needed for tool spindle motion as in Hydromat machines. These new technologies along with the beefier base yield exceptional accuracy and repeatability. 

The bar-fed collet version of the Eclipse 12-100 has a maximum workpiece diameter of 65 mm (2.5") and features a maximum workpiece length of 180 mm (7") with 127 mm (5") of material outside the collet. The Eclipse will also be available in an Indexing Chuck version that will feature a table with vertical chucks capable of 360° rotation of the workpiece. 

The three-axis tool spindles are larger than previous Hydromat spindles to accommodate the heavier cuts and larger parts machined with this platform. The 55/250 four-axis profile tool spindle module offers a flange spindle for mounting a dynamic profile turning head.

The HSK 50 toolholders are of stout design, weighing in at 536 kg total mass. These direct-drive units are powered by a FANUC ailT6/12000HV motor with a KTR GS38 coupler. This motor’s continuous rating is 5.5 kW at 7.4 hp, with a 30-min. rating of 7.5 kW at 10 hp. An optional 20,000-rpm tool spindle powered by the same FANUC aiIT2/20000 is also available.

A new CNC head, also designed by Hydromat, features an outside diameter of 160 mm with a radial stroke of 25 mm. The Eclipse features quick-change, presettable tool heads for easy change-overs.