Round And Serrated Milling Cutters

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Shredmill is a family of milling cutters that can carry either round inserts with a serrated cutting edge or regular round inserts.

Both inserts have a protruding cylinder on the bottom. The serrated insert has four indexing orientation options and the round insert has eight. When deep cavities are machined, chip evacuation (even with air blow) is a problem because of chip shape, weight and size. In deep cavities there is a tendency for long chips to become trapped and are prone to being re-cut. When using these new cutters, small chips are produced, which have less tendency to be re-cut, the company says.

The serrations on the insert's cutting edge were designed to overlap. Large cavity depths with long tool overhang are said to cause vibration and instability.

By using Shredmill instead of round inserts, three to four times larger depths of cut can be machined or overhang can be increased, the company says. These tools can eliminate the necessity of using long anti-vibration adapters, which is expensive. They also are said to reduce machining cycle time.

Inserts are available with various chip formers and edge preparations for optimal machining of a variety of materials.

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