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3/19/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Sandvik Coromant's M5F90 Face Mill Performs Roughing and Finishing in One Operation

Originally titled 'Face Mill Performs Roughing and Finishing in One Operation'
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Designed for machining thin-walled aluminum automotive parts without burring, scratching or chipping, the M5F90 face-milling cutter is now available from Sandvik Coromant.


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DThe M5F90 face-milling cutter ifrom Sandvik Coromant is designed for machining thin-walled aluminum automotive parts without burring, scratching or chipping. The two-in-one cutter can perform roughing and finishing in a single operation for faster and more efficient machining strategies.

The M5F90 cutter body’s diameter (25 to 80 mm/0.98" to 3.15") carries brazed PCD inserts that require no adjustment thanks to new production processes and therefore enable higher feed rates without vibration. Scratches, burrs and breakages on the machined part are said to be eliminated with a combination of optimal cutting angles, insert shape, edge preparation and cutting parameters.

In terms of roughing, the tool works as a conventional cutter, with all rough-cutting edges positioned on the same diameter and height. The M5F90 can machine to a depth of cut measuring 4 mm (0.157"). With regards to finishing, this portion of the tool consists of radial and axial stepped cutting edges. Such a configuration promotes burr-free milling and good surface finish on thin-walled aluminum parts while enabling a close pitch-in order to avoid cutting vibration, according to the company.

“The inherent flexibility of being able to rough- and finish-mill makes it possible to machine different positions on the same part with just one cutter,” says Emmanuel David, global automotive product manager. 

Although designed for thin-wall milling operations on aluminum parts, such as gearbox cases and housings, the M5F90 is also able to handle other aluminum automotive part features, the company says.

The M5F90 is described as completing Sandvik Coromant’s milling cutter offering for aluminum automotive parts, complementing the M5B90, M5C90, CoroMill Century/590, M5Q90 and M5R90 tooling solutions.

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