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Sandvik Cutter Completes Cubing in a Single Operation

Originally titled 'Cutter Completes Cubing in a Single Operation'
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To boost the first-stage roughing operation on cast aluminum parts for the automotive industry, Sandvik Coromant introduces its M5Q90 tangential milling cutter.

M5Q90 cutter bodies from Sandvik Coromant are customized by customer specifications, operating at speed as fast as 20,000 rpm. However, the cutting bodies offer the same design of tip seat, coolant channel, lead angle and rake angle.

The cutter body tool life is extended in engineered solutions with PCD inserts protected by rows of carbide inserts, a design that is said to enable an increase to the depth of cutting capability. While the basic tool with PCD inserts offers 2-4 mm (0.079"-0.157") depth of cut, this is boosted to as deep as 4 mm (0.157" ) using the engineered solution with protective rows of carbide inserts.

Aluminum cylinder heads and engine blocks benefit, typically in automotive sectors or Tier 1/Tier 2 suppliers, according to the company. Capable of both face and shoulder milling, this cutter is also said to be especially useful for applications in the general engineering and aerospace sectors.


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