Saw/Drill Unit With Electronic Overload Device

The Amsaw R series saw, combined saw/drill unit is designed to cut rails for the railroad industry. According to the company, the saw's benefits include smooth, accurate cuts and long tool life. Designed for high-production cutting of high-alloy rails, the rail saw features a saw blade change-over time of less than 3 minutes; hardened spindle gears ground for minimum backlash; a special saw-blade guide and dampening device for accurate cutting to stabilize the blade; a low-maintenance design; and dry operation in which no coolant is needed, the company says. An electronic overload device monitors cutting performance and stops the saw feed when necessary. A chip conveyor passes chips to the rear of the machine for deposit into a tote box. It can be combined with an integrated or inline rail hole drilling machine for bolted joints at the rail ends or with in-feed and out-feed material handling systems.

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