Scheduling Software Provides Real-Time Data

IMTS 2018: Conperio Technology Solutions partners with GE and Novotek to provide manufacturers an interactive planning and scheduling tool, GE Scheduler.

Conperio Technology Solutions is partnering with GE and Novotek to provide manufacturers an interactive planning and scheduling tool, GE Scheduler. The scheduler enables the creation of real-time production schedules based on resources and asset capacity. It integrates with existing business systems such as ERP, MES and plant floor controls.

The scheduler is designed to increase efficiency, provide real-time data and operate under changing conditions. It improves scheduling by enabling users to see the consequences of new orders more quickly. It also standardizes scheduling, reducing the need for personal spreadsheets. It enables top-floor to plant-floor integration so that users can schedule in a closed loop with plant floor progress from the MES environment. It is suitable for several industries, including make-to-order, make-to-stock, engineer-to-order and batch environments. It leverages server-based communication services to harvest data from plant floor controls. Its API enables pushing batch and process data from the plant floor controls to the scheduling system, providing real-time monitoring and production order and plant use updates. It facilitates creation of a web front-end that can streamline releasing, monitoring and updating production orders and resource assignments. It enables the creation of custom human-machine interface screens to operate the scheduler utility.

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