Seco Tools' Turbo 16 Achieves Long-Lasting Tool Life

Seco Tools is expanding its Turbo Line with Turbo 16 cutting inserts, which feature tool longevity and material removal rate boosts.


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A press photo of several inserts from the Turbo 16 range

Seco Tools is positioning its Turbo 16 line as a great benefit in securing processes and lengthening tool life. A smooth cutting action and low cutting forces mean reduced power consumption and tool wear — Seco Tools reports the cutter can boost tool life up to 130%. 

Turbo 16 also scores highly on productivity, with a comprehensive range of ground and direct-pressed inserts – the close pitch on certain inserts can increase material removal rates by up to 50%. The corrosion-resistant cutter bodies have internal coolant channels ranging from 25 mm to 250 mm (the imperial program covers diameters 1” to 6”). They are compatible with a wide range of interfaces and standard rotating holders.

Built for the future of manufacturing, Turbo 16 inserts are the first Seco Tools products to feature Data Matrix tags. These scannable codes store product and batch information, which users can read with the new Seco Assistant smartphone app.


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