Secure Clamping Option

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A clamping module is now available to complement the company’s Unilock quick-change pallet system. This NSE module is 196 mm in diameter, which accommodates applications that require a large contact surface, and it is mechanically clamped and pneumatically opened, allowing the system to be moved in the clamped state without interference from air lines.

This module and its clamping pin both have Æ 61 mm through-hole, which makes it possible for the workpiece to protrude through the clamping system.  This feature can be applied to quick-change lathe chucks where the barstock can be pushed through the module and pin. According to the company, the pin ensures a holding force as high as 75,000 N.  For orientation of fixture plates, the module also comes standard with a 12-mm bore on the face.


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