Semi-automatic Dual Welding System, Lincoln Electric Co.

The PowerFeed 10M dual features the MSP4 user interface panel for control of all weld parameters in a single display. The company states that the unit's dual welding wire electrode drives will allow for more flexibility in welding two separate welding processes, electrode alloys or wire diameters.

The new welding system is recommended for applications in the automotive, transportation, furniture fabrication, lawn and garden equipment and agricultural equipment manufacturing industries.  Using the company's waveform control technology, each weld mode is made to meet specifications and standards for low spatter, arc shape and weld bead profile in each application.

According to the company, the system features: clear identification of the selected weld mode; up to four waveform (arc) controls; enhanced waveform control displays; procedure set up; and lockout functions to prevent unauthorized procedure changes.


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