Servo Insert Couplings

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According to the company, the ADS-Servo insert couplings deliver high torsional stiffness while still allowing vibration dampening.  The company says this will help CNC controls optimize the servo loop to its maximum gain, therefore, minimizing or eliminating resonance which results in short cycle times. 

The company says the overall performance of this coupling is due to the tight tolerances specified when machining the jaw teeth, which results in a true zero backlash fit with the insert.  In addition, the couplings come in many sizes, covering torque requirements between 10-655 Nm, (89-5895 lb-in) with bore sizes ranging from 6-60 mm, (1/4”-2.5”).  High speed balancing for spindle applications (i.e..20,000 RPM per ISO 1940G6.3) is also available from the company on all coupling sizes.