Servo Products' Orion CNC Retrofit Kits Add Third Axis to Knee Mills

Servo Products Co.’s Orion CNC Retrofit kits add or upgrade no longer supported controls for knee mills and lathes. 


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Servo Products Co.’s Orion CNC Retrofit kits are designed to turn a manual knee mill into to a three- or four-axis CNC machine. The systems can also replace older and/or unsupported controls. for knee mills and lathes. With the servomotors built in, implementing the retrofit system is as simple as installing power feeds, the company says.

The pre-configured package features a programmable logic controller, VFD spindle speed control, true servomotors, ballscrews and an auto lube pump. Options include an LED work light, wireless MPG pendant, power drawbar lockout solenoid and dual-channel emergency stop.

Though the milling machine kit is designed for three-axis machining, it is pre-wired for a fourth axis and thus is easily upgradeable. The third axis can drive the knee for a full 16" of travel up/down.

The 400-W true servomotors provide up to 300"/lb of torque and a maximum rapid travel speed of 105 ipm. Servo also offers Elrod belt-and-pulley style systems. Both systems operate on 208- to 240-V single-phase power, making them suitable for small to medium-size job shops.