Seven-Axis Swiss-Type Lathe

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The Cincom L20 series is more advanced than the previous L-series models, thus enabling faster operations and reduced non-cutting idle time by 40 percent, says Marubeni Citizen-Cincom (MCC).


In an ID/OD tooling operation or thread cutting operation, moving another axis can begin without prior to the movement of the other axis being completed. This process alone can reduce wasted time and optimize operations, says the company. There is also no need to wait for the spindle to decelerate and then stop at a zero point before indexing. Spindle indexing can now be achieved from a high speed rotation, then stop directly at the desired degreed position.


The modular concept—offered in three types—can support an array of machining processes depending on machining requirements. When only turning is required, the L20 type V offers five turning tools on the gang plate with no live tools. As future live tooling is needed, the type V model can be upgraded with additional live tool holders that fit into the existing gang tool plate. The L20 type VII offers five turning and five live rotary tools (cross milling/drilling) on the gang plate.  When cross machining is required, three cross spindles can be mounted to total 18 tools (five turning, seven rotary and six drilling tools).


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