Sheet-Forming Software Features Springback Compensation

AutoForm version 4.1 is the latest version of AutoForm Engineering’s sheet metal forming software. A springback feature automatically modifies tooling surfaces based on springback calculation. This allows die-face engineers to take springback results into account and compensate the appropriate tool geometry. The compensated geometry can be used as new input for tooling validation. This results in more reliable process layouts during early planning phases because the springback compensation reduces the risk of tooling or process changes, the company says.


The software also includes morphing technology. To evaluate geometry models and optimize processes, users can modify wall angles, unfold part areas and perform in-plane modification details without touching regions outside the morphing. In addition, new substitution and offset skins can shorten the die development process, the company says. Early in the development process, a watertight skin, which is required for CAD solid design, can substitute for any original, imperfect surface. This allows users to begin solid die design at an earlier stage, the company says.