Sheet Metal CAD/CAM Software Manages Engineering of 2D and 3D Parts

Westec 2017: Vero Software will exhibit the 2017 version of its Radan CAD/CAM sheet metal solution.

Vero Software will exhibit the 2017 version of its Radan CAD/CAM sheet metal solution. In this version, Radmanager can manage engineering of 2D and 3D parts. CAD/CAM updates address the danger of scrap flying off, sliding under the sheet or damaging the tools on punching machines by flagging where floating scrap will occur, and the automatic order style editor graphically shows what the program is going to do, enabling users to hone in on an operation to make changes. The 2017 version also configures punch-press machine tools with available cutting tools, so commonly-used tools are available to customers. Radan 2017 also includes project nesting updates, including a new reporting engine, which is designed to enable users to customize report design and content, and a template function which stores project settings under a given name, enabling them to be recalled.

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