Sheet Processing Line

The TIPO B15 is a CNC automatic line to process plates up to 1,500 mm width and standard length up to 3,000 mm (or bigger length sizes as an option). This sheet processing line is mainly designed to perform punching, drilling and cutting operations. In particular, this new line can be used to process medium-thickness plates. This line is useful for punching, drilling, pointing, marking and cutting (even on shapes) operations. It works both with oxycutting and plasma and processes large, thick plates in a single working cycle. According to the company, the line manufactures precise polygonal and shaped plates in the quantity desired and with fair economical costs. The hydraulic punching unit is equipped with one tool having eight selectable punches, each punch providing the maximum force throughout the entire stroke. It is therefore possible to chose up to eight different punching diameters, and each punch can be used up to the maximum capacity of the line. The line is cross positioned by means of a ballscrew and a servomotor controlled by the CNC. The eight-punch punching tool slides inside the punching unit, thus aligning the selected punch with the hydraulic cylinder. The maximum punching diameter is 46 mm. The eight dies slide instead independently of the punches in the machine basis and are electronically centered. One feature of this machine is the ability to get shaped plates from a sheet metal up to 1,500 mm × 3,000 mm in size. The machine also offers the possibility of automatically unloading the cut plates by means of an unloading attachment that unloads processed pieces up to 1,500 × 600 mm in size. The plasma-cutting system can cut plates up to a maximum thickness of 20 mm, and it consists of a torch installed on the outfeed side of the structure; the cross positioning of the torch is obtained through the same axis of the punching unit. The cutting unit also includes a special device suitable to accept a smoke intake and filtering device (not included). This device must be positioned in the lower part of the torch area. The machine can work either with plasma or oxycutting system or with both systems together, thanks to a controlled pre-selection. In this way, it is possible to exploit the different cutting features of the two systems, using them according to the thickness of the materials to be cut. The system is supplied with a specific nesting program that considers if the line is working with plasma or oxycutting and can optimize the working area. As an option, the line can be supplied with a 11 Kw monospindle vertical drill head. Then it can also mount an automatic swarf conveyor to unload swarfs before the thermal cutting operation. The drill head can also be fitted with an automatic toolchange (ATC) system with eight positions. The machine works with Ficep CNC Fenice, with three controlled axes.