Shrink Chucks Feature Cooling Jacket

Haimer's toolholding system features Cool Flash technology designed to wrap coolant around the tool and protect it from air turbulence common to high-speed machining.

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High-speed machining tools often cause air turbulences that prevent the coolant from reaching the cutting tool, says cutting tool distributer Haimer. Its Cool Flash system is designed so that the coolant wraps itself around the tool like a jacket and protects it against such disturbances. It is available as an option for the company's shrink chucks that feature high runout accuracy.

Coolant is transported to the face area of the toolholder via bores in the clamping chuck. A disc positioned at the face side of the chuck releases a narrow circumferential gap in the direction of the tool. The coolant accumulates, builds pressure in the chamber and is distributed over the entire scope of the tool shaft. From this small reservoir, it flows directly over the tool shaft as a closed jacket and is insensitive to air turbulences.  The coolant is pressed into the flutes at the end of the shaft area, flushing  them out and directly reaching the cutting edges without atomizing.

No additional sleeves or separate mounts are required for the cooling. Shrink chucks also can be shrunk in and out “normally” using the Cool Flash option. The stability, stiffness and interference contour of the original chuck remains unchanged. 

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