Shrink-Fit Chuck for Heavy-Duty Applications Can Replace Weldon Holder


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Haimer’s heavy-duty shrink-fit chuck is designed for roughing applications in the heavy machinery and aerospace industries. The rigid outer geometry and the reinforced walls at the clamping bore make it well-suited for roughing and unforgiving applications that need strong clamping and high rigidity, the company says. The chuck provides runout accuracy of less than 0.00012" (3 microns) and vibration damping. It also has repeatable balance and gripping torque to improve tool life and surface-finish quality.

The chuck can be equipped with Safe-Lock, the company’s pullout protection system, to replace a Weldon holder in heavy machining applications, the company says.

The chuck shrinks both carbide and high speed steel tools and accommodates round-shank tools ranging to 2.0" in diameter in a variety of tapers.


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