Shrink-Fit Technology

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The company has introduced Thermogrip, its new line of shrink-fit tooling. The company says this new technology reduces shrinkage and expansion times generally associated with shrink-fit tooling. The company says its engineers factored in heating time, the temperatures and temperature patterns required in the shrink-fit process. Creating an electromagnetic field that heats to a medium frequency range allows the clamping area to heat within a maximum of 10 seconds. According to the company, this "localized" warming enables the energy applied to the chuck to be kept to a minimum, thus reducing the overall shrinking process. This shrink-fit tooling is said to provide maximum damping forces resulting in improved surface finishes. The concentricity and radial rigidity achieved makes the shrink-fit tooling useful for high speed machining operations of both hardened steels and alloys. The thermal expansion units are available in two models for multiple or single heating stations. The company also offers thermal expansion chucks including HSK-A, HSK-E, DIN, BT and CAT tapers, extenders and reducers, all available in both inch and metric sizes.

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