Side Clamps Improve Accessibility

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The company offers a range of clamping, gripping, locating, positioning and support products that allow manufacturers, OEMs and end-users to create custom workholding devices and machine accessories with the economy of standard parts. Featured are a variety of Imao side clamp designs for workholding applications. The side clamps generate simultaneous lateral and downward clamping forces to 10,340 lbs to the sides of a workpiece, thereby providing access to the top surface. The 30-plus styles of side clamps offered minimize clamping space requirements and allow for greater machine clearances, the company says. Options include clamps with wide, swiveling jaws for clamping on uneven surfaces; low-profile side clamps; and adjustable side clamps.   Other featured manufacturers/products include Fairlane Products grippers and rest pads; Swivots swivel/pivoting positioning components; Quick Release ball-lock pins, rollers and bumpers;  Imao stops, supports, risers, T-nuts, sliding mounts, springs, grid plates and blocks; Kipp spring plungers, tension levers, torque handles, knurled nuts, ball knobs, and handwheels; OK-Vise single- and double-wedge clamp designs; and Mitee-Bite edge, slot, Uniforce, toe, low-profile and expansion clamps.

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