Siemens Teamcenter Quality Aids Quality Management

Siemens Digital Industries Software’s Teamcenter Quality suite keeps quality, manufacturing and engineering teams in sync, simplifying continuous improvement efforts.


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An image of two people consulting Siemens' Teamcenter Quality, with digital symbols overlaid on the background

Siemens Digital Industries Software’s Teamcenter Quality software is a suite of solutions that provides a closed-loop approach for quality management, from design to manufacturing on the shop floor and back again. The company says Teamcenter Quality helps keep product development, quality planning and continuous improvement processes synchronized, enabling customers to maximize the value of change management and configuration management capabilities on the Teamcenter collaboration platform.

This extension to the Teamcenter portfolio enables engineers to set quality requirements early in the design process and establish the parameters required to ensure the product realized during the production phase will meet quality standards.

“Teamcenter Quality provides a digital thread throughout the design and production phases, creating aligned workflows between quality, manufacturing and engineering teams to improve collaboration and reduce the need for coordination,” says Raffaello Lepratti, vice president of business development and marketing for manufacturing operations management at Siemens Digital Industries Software. “Creating this single source of truth for product, process and quality data can help ensure each step of the process is synchronized and compliant, while also offering traceability and a high level of transparency within the process.”

Teamcenter Quality uses a modern web interface and includes AI-enabled user guidance with Teamcenter Assistant functionality.