Six-Lobe Broach Accommodates Fasteners

Slater Tools has expanded its line of hexalobular-shaped rotary broaches, which are used in the medical and aerospace industries. The contour of the hexalobular broach’s lobed recesses makes it a suitable form for fasteners. Like the company’s line of standard hexagon and square rotary broach cutting tools, the six-lobe insert is now available from stock for all rotary broaching toolholders. Rotary broaching cutters can be used on a lathe, mill or screw machine to create hexagon, square and other polygon forms in precision metal products. Common products include medical components such as bone screws. Custom lengths are available, including 28 mm. Rotary broaches can be produced from hardened, high speed M2 steel, PM4 or T15 cobalt. Tool life on tough applications may be improved using coatings such as TiN, TiCN and TiALN, available for all rotary broaches.

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